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Photo of Chris Brown Anti-Canada propaganda greets troops in Latvia Russian-language propagandists are taking aim at Canada's military mission to Latvia by linking the troops to the Armed Forces' most-disgraced commanders. Anti-Canada propaganda greets troops in Latvia News site runs photos of disgraced, cross-dressing colonel, suggesting military is full of homosexuals A NATO battle group with Canadian soldiers arrive at Riga International Airport in Latvia, on June 10. Canadian commanders have been warned to expect a barrage of negative Russian propaganda over the mission. Ints Kalnins/Reuters 'We are not only guarding Latvia's border but all of Europe' Russian-language propagandists are taking aim at Canada's military mission to Latvia by linking the troops to the Armed Forces' most-disgraced commander. A website with the same name as a prominent Russian news program has re-published infamous photos of convicted killer Russell Williams, a former commander in Canada's air force, posing in women's underwear, suggesting the Canadian military is full of homosexuals and shouldn't be counted on by Latvians. 'It's a strategic and very cleverly planned campaign.' — Rita Rudasa, Baltic Centre for Media Excellence Canadian commanders had been warned to expect a barrage of negative Russian propaganda over this mission. The article appeared on a Russian-language news site called, which is also the name of a TV news show in Russia. The story mocks Canada's military mission in Latvia with the headline, "The Gay Battlegroup: NATO has dug into Latvia." It goes on to say that the U.S. has the only worthwhile military in the Baltics and all the others — including Canada — are "deeply comical." The first wave of 450 Canadian soldiers, led by Col. Josh Major, arrived in Latvia this past weekend as part of a mission to deter any Russian aggression in the Baltic region. CBC IN LATVIA | 1st Canadian troops arrive to start mission Major says the anti-Canada propaganda is "not unexpected."  "We can't stop people from using the internet and posting and blogging, but we can be aware of what they are doing and, when appropriate, take action to set the record straight," Major said, adding that Williams's crimes were "appalling" and not representative of Canada's military.   A Latvian expert in Russian propaganda against NATO, Col. Ilmars A. Lejins, says every country in the alliance with troops in the region has been targeted, and Canada should expect the internet assault to continue.

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